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Your voice has been missing from my life for years,
And yet every night,
I see you vividly,
Within my dreams.

© 2019 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry
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It’s been a long road,
An arduous one at that,
Still, you have never quit,
You can never seem to do that.
For you know,
That all the difficult routes,
Lead to some place beautiful,
A new destination,
Some place good.
That’s the thought you hold onto,
Every single day,
It keeps you breathing.
More than that,
You always have hope,
That’s always alive within your soul,
Every single day,
It talks to you some more,
That hope shall never depart,
It’s ingrained within your heart.
© 2019 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry

Image Of You

It’s the quietness that gets to me,
I know it shrieks the truth,
Every situation is replayed a thousand times within my head,
If Ive made a mistake,
It chills me to the bone,
Gnaws at my brain,
Makes me feel a little less happy at home.

The darkness frightens me,
For it allows me to have crystal clear clarity,
Every wrong step,
I now know the way,
Too late for me,
I have lost my way.

Through all the broken pieces that make up my life,
I see haphazardly,
A kaleidoscope of whirlwinds,
And still...
I always see you.

Whenever I am in need,
Your memory comes to me,
Softens every blow,
The image of you from long ago,
Soothes my torn and worn soul,
Allows me to carry on,
At least for a little while more.

© 2019 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry


How many times had she fallen?
Crashed to the ground,
Bruised herself,
She pulled herself up, Onwards she went,
Never looking back,
Well, not for long. She had lost count of how many times she had been confused,
Hurt and upset,
Lost down the wrong road,
Frightened and alone,
Still she carried on. So how many times did she have to crawl?
She knew she had been burned,
Scarred for life,
She liked it though,
They added to her,
Made her a warrior,
Fearless in her ways. They thought she had been broken,
That she had to surrender,
Admit defeat,
How wrong they were,
She never did,
She conquered it all.
She had clawed her way out of the darkness,
She fought hard, She played tough. Really she was sweet,
She was innocent,
Not that she liked to show that,
Better they think her mean,
A fighter to the end,
She finds a way to win,
Maybe that was her biggest sin. Fighter, 3 Oct 2016 (C) M KA Crooks Poetry


Days when those bright colours used to light up your soul,
Back in the days when you smiled from within. You don’t see those tones much anymore,
It feels darker now than it ever was before. Everything seems bleak,
Yet still, you hold on,
More stoic than anyone who ever came before. © 2019 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry
18 March 2019

Scotch Tape

Our hearts are no longer kept on our sleeves,
Those have all disappeared. Now we have taped our heart back together again,
Scotch tape stuck best,
What is left?
We are a crumbly mess. Every morning we stare in the mirror,
Hate what we see,
But what should we be doing in reality? Applauding,
We have survived,
We are still alive,
Fuck me!
We are warriors of the toughest kind. © 2019 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry


There is something I can see in you,
Within your pupils,
So huge,
So dark,
Dreariness resides there,
Sadness too,
All seem to be screaming inside of you. You have ghosts trapped within,
You are haunted still,
I see it,
Before all else,
It shouts and screams,
Piercing pain shoots out of your eyes. Those eyes,
The windows to the soul,
They speak to me,
They cry some more. I’m not sure you will ever be able to let that haunted look go,
It seems to be entrenched within your soul,
You never seem to laugh anymore. © 2017 MK AC Nevin-Crooks
Love Life Poetry
18th June 2017